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I still feel incredibly relaxed and as if I have replenished not just my energy but so much more

I’m still floating after having a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing Reiki session with Lara. From the moment you step inside Lara’s treatment room you start to feel relaxed. It is dark, filled with healing crystals and the scent of essential oils – it feels like you have stepped inside a nourishing cave!

Lara’s gentle and kind manner has you instantly at ease and the treatment is very soothing – perfect for anyone needing to balance out a hectic life or cope with grief or stress. I quickly began to feel tension slip away and drifted in and out of sleep during the treatment. Afterwards we had a chat about the “journey” and what images came up for Lara and what I could take away on a deeper level in terms of changes I could make in my life or signs or signals that perhaps I am missing due to the busy and pressured life that I lead.

I still feel incredibly relaxed and as if I have replenished not just my energy but so much more. I would definitely recommend this to anyone – as a gift to yourself or someone special.

– Katie B – Yoga Instructor

“Completely relaxed & energised in a way I have not felt”

I had my first Reiki session with Lara and it was amazing. I have stage 3B melanoma cancer and afterwards felt the best I have in such a long time. I was completely relaxed and energised in a way I have not felt since being sick. Thank you so much Lara. You are my saviour!

– Kaz T – Early Childhood Educator

“Massage for the soul”

Lara is awesome and she gives the very best “Massage for the soul.”

– Adam T – Nutritional Therapist and Detox Specialist.

Powerful energy that was also calming and reassuring at the same time

I had an amazing Reiki session with Lara. I experienced a very powerful energy that was also calming and reassuring at the same time. I enjoyed the messages and mantras she shared with me. Lara helped to bring peace and relaxation to my body and mind.

– Anne T – Business Coach

“I could sense energy shifting in my body during the session

Reiki with Lara was a very calming and relaxing experience in a beautiful environment. I could sense energy shifting in my body during the session and Lara received messages/images, many of which lined up with what is going on in my life and reaffirmed for me that I am on the right path. Thank you Lara! 

– Sara C – Admin Assistant

“It’s like filling up your tank with energy and peacefulness while taking away the background hum of everyday life stresses.”

My first session, many months ago, was while I was heavily pregnant and needed some help to gain energy for welcoming a new baby.

I have come out today, yet again, with a feeling of bliss and calm. It’s like filling up your tank with energy and peacefulness while taking away the background hum of everyday life stresses. I totally trust in Lara and enjoyed watching my now 6 month old baby sit happily, during her Reiki healing, with curious eyes, while basking in all the attention and being showered with a sense of calm.

– Sarah L – Physiotherapist

“Even the skeptics would feel rejuvenated”

In a time of chaos I really needed time to realign my energy. My session with Lara was very relaxing, surprising and reaffirmed a few things for me. I would highly recommend a session, even the skeptics would feel rejuvenated. Thank you for the great vibes!

– Fiona H – Office Manager

I felt a calm and relaxed energy come over me”

I haven’t had Reiki in over 20 years, so wasn’t sure what to expect. From the moment I walked into Lara’s Reiki Space I felt a calm and relaxed energy come over me almost straight away. The herbal tea at the beginning and end of my session was a pleasant surprise and very welcoming! I had the most positive experience and really loved how Lara sits at the end and discusses everything so thoroughly and really takes her time! I will definitely be back for another session!

– Michelle P – Vegetarian catering specialist

“A healing I have never felt before”

Having experienced Reiki with Lara for the first time, I would like to thank you for the wonderful feeling it let me with! The connection with my Dad who passed away 10 years ago was just amazing! This experience will stay with me forever! The balancing of my chakras and deep meditation I experienced has given me a healing I have never felt before. The whole experience was very special. Lara, you obviously have a gift, I will be back for more sessions!

– Annie T – Retired

“So much of what she picked up rang deeply true”

I had a beautiful session with Lara about 6 months ago. So much of what she picked up rang deeply true at the time, but certain things she identified at the time I haven’t fully understood until now, which says a lot for her ability to read energy. I can’t recommend her highly enough! Not only is she a gifted Reiki healer, but a lovely soul as well which made for a great experience.

– Jackie S – Marketing Manager

“A beautiful and unique experience”

Lara’s Reiki therapy is a beautiful and unique experience. She grounded me in ways I didn’t forsee and provide a feeling of ultimate calm. I would recommend Lara’s Reiki healing sessions to anyone looking to enhance their spiritual journey.

– Anne L – Yoga instructor

I was feeling a lot more grounded, less pain”

I find spiritual healing a very personal experience, how do I say or explain the intense healing experience within. Following is the reason I visited Lara for a healing and how I felt afterwards.

I self treat a multitude of Autoimmune diseases via a Plant Based Diet, but recently contracted a bladder infection that spread pretty quickly to the Kidneys (a sign I’ve not been looking after myself and my immunity was low). The antibiotic that I was prescribed killed the balance in my body and the spiral started. The UC/Crohns crept back slowly but surely – after being in remission for three years. So I visited Lara for her help.

When you visit Lara’s clinic it is relaxing, calming and an all round grounding experience. Lara is a beautiful soul, she details what we may or may not experience and explains everything you ever needed to know. She makes you feel at home and welcome, which is most important especially when starting out on a spiritual grounding experience.

What I felt during the session is a personal experience that is something experienced with Lara and I, but the journey afterwards is what it was all about.

I wasn’t sure at first how I felt, but shortly after, I was feeling a lot more grounded, less pain. But most importantly a few points in the session played on my mind. What was this white feather (that appeared in my dreams the night before, with Lara during the session, and then at work a white feather landed on my desk)?

I now believe the white feather was an awakening, realising what was happening and guiding me to implement a strict protocol to stop the flare in its path. I knew what needed to be done, I knew the changes I had to make and I knew how long it would take to get back to remission. My journey still continues, but I am well on my way and now recognise the cause of what has popped me out of remission.

I have already booked future sessions with Lara. Reiki to me is a spiritual healing, that supports my whole being. There is no point having the diet and exercise correct without having a balance within myself. Recognising stress and being spiritually emotional and physically grounded is so important. Lara has assisted in getting me there. As I continue this journey, I look forward to have Lara support my spiritual journey whilst I again heal within. 

I can not recommend highly enough having Lara as your Rieki guide.

– Colleen C – ‘Almost Vegan – Plant Based for Remission’