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Reiki’s energy balancing is especially beneficial for children.  If you think about it, you will realise how you intuitively provide energy balancing techniques for your child on a regular basis.  If your child falls or hurts themselves in some way – you would likely hold them close and rub the sore spot or kiss it to ‘make it better’.  Your child knows that your energy is healing and that’s why they run straight to you when they are scared or hurt.

When your child’s energy is balanced, you are aware that they are happy, content and curious about their environment. However, when your child’s energy is out of balance, they can respond with fussiness, tantrums, or illness.  If your child is out of sorts, you know you have to do something to assist them to feel better! Reiki is the perfect choice as a gentle, straightforward approach to healing.  It works so well with children to effectively provide healing by balancing their energy.

Children tend to have clear energy fields that have not been disrupted by the life experiences we accumulate as we grow into adulthood.  Children’s energies are often less inhibited by energy blocks and imbalances that slow the flow of Reiki energy.  They tend to be more sensitive and receptive to energy work than adults are. Children also respond more quickly to energy work than adults, and therefore, typically require shorter healing sessions.